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Rum Runner Party Boat Policies


1. The boat rental watercraft shall only be operated by an employee or representative of RUM RUNNER PARTY BOATS. RENTER(S), guest passenger(s), or permitted occupant(s) shall NOT operate or attempt to operate the boat rental watercraft at any time.

2. The boat rental watercraft shall only be used by the RENTER(S) and his/her guest passengers or permitted occupants.

3. RENTER(S) must be present for check-out & check-in of the boat rental watercraft.

4. RENTER(S) agree not to use, nor permit the use:

A. of the boat rental watercraft for any unlawful purpose;

B. of the boat rental watercraft in a careless or negligent manner;

C. of the boat rental watercraft while under the influence of narcotics or any other drugs; and

D. on the boat rental watercraft by any person not authorized by the signatory of the

agreement, or not equally permitted.

5. RENTER(S) shall not overload boat rental watercraft capacity. Children and babies count towards capacity.

6. The boat rental watercraft includes life preservers for each occupant, first aid kit, and fire extinguisher.

7. RENTER(S) must be 21 and have a valid driver’s license to reserve a boat rental watercraft.

8. Boats are checked out & in during daylight hours.

9. No grills or generators permitted on the boat rental watercraft.

10. All guest passenger(s) and permitted occupant(s) of the boat rental watercraft shall be at least 18 years of age.

11. All RENTER(S), guest passenger(s), and permitted occupant(s) of the boat rental watercraft are required to read and execute the Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement prior to rental or occupancy.

12. The RENTER(S) shall review all applicable laws and safety requirements of boat rental watercrafts and operation prior to rental, as well as review with all guest passenger(s) and permitted occupant(s).

13. The RENTER(S) is responsible for all damage to the boat rental watercraft or to property of others.

14. The RENTER(S) is responsible for any and all injuries that occur to himself, herself, guest passenger(s), permitted occupants, or third parties during the rental period.

15. The RENTER(S) shall hold RUM RUNNER PARTY BOATS harmless from any claim by himself, herself, guest passenger(s), permitted occupants, or third parties for any damage that arises during the rental period.

16. Reservations require a security deposit and credit card on file in advance of reservation. The RENTER(S) consents to the security deposit being applied to any damage during the rental period. The RENTER(S) acknowledges he/she is responsible personally for damages above and beyond security deposit, if applicable. RUM RUNNER PARTY BOATS is authorized to charge the credit card on file for each rental for any damages incurred, loss of equipment, as well as any tickets or fines assessed by the Department of Natural Resources or law enforcement for any actions of a renter or passenger during the period of the rental. Boat rental price does include refueling. Boat will be refueled by RUM RUNNER PARTY BOATS.

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