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The 5 Best Things to do on the water in KEY WEST

Key West attracts adventurers and water enthusiasts with its breathtaking crystal clear waters and rich marine life. 

Guided water tours are some of the best ways to spend your vacation time in Key West. Here are five of the best, guided water tours recommended by our experts at Lagerheads Watersports!


Departing from Downtown Key West a block from Duval Street at Lagerheads Beach Bar or Garrison Marina (Spencer's Boat Yard). The Rum Runner Party Boat is Key West. A floating bar boat. What can be more Key West then that. The Rum Runner has two boats for you vacation planning. Our six passenger vessel and our sixteen passenger vessel. BYOB, ice and coolers built into the bar top. Bar style seating, and two bench seats up front to look for square groupers. Great captains with Key West stories. Your own music or the boats Key West playlists. Watch the sunsets with a drink in your hand, or book a day trip to see shipwrecks and sandbars.

The Rum Runner Party boat has been getting visitors to Key West out on the water for over six years. Grab a Rum Runner at the bar or a bucket of beers to hope aboard the Best bar boat of the Southernmost Island. Easy to book. Book right here!

Six Passenger


Sixteen Passenger


2. Snorkeling Tours

Dive into the mesmerizing underwater world of Key West with snorkeling tours that promise an immersive experience like no other. Unlike dolphin tours, these excursions focus on exploring the vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life. Set sail on stable, spacious catamarans, where even those prone to seasickness can enjoy the journey comfortably due to the extreme stability of the vessel. 

With prices under $50, these tours offer exceptional value, including drinks, food, and gear. After an exhilarating day of snorkeling, unwind with an open bar on the return trip, courtesy of many of our best tours in Key West. Book here for exclusive pricing for our Lagerheads Watersports fam. 


Prepare for a date with playful dolphins on Key West’s Dolphin Tour, where every moment is filled with wonder and excitement. You can count on guaranteed dolphin sightings as you cruise along the pristine coastline, with lunch and refreshments provided for a truly indulgent and unforgettable experience. 

With many of Key West's best companies, you can embark on a private tour or join a larger group for a four-hour expedition on the water. Browse here to see rates and pricing for our Spencer’s fam.


Feel the adrenaline rush as you zip across the crystal clear waters of Key West on a thrilling Jet Ski Tour. Sunset Watersports Key West offers guided excursions that take you to specific areas, ensuring the protection of local wildlife. 

In Key West, to protect wildlife and other visitors, the only way to legally operate a Jet Ski is through a certified tour, as individual rentals are strictly prohibited. Joining a Jet Ski tour allows you to explore the island’s hidden gems safely and responsibly. To check out our favorite tour, click here.


Soar above the emerald waters of Smathers Beach on a mesmerizing parasailing tour, the only one allowed to launch directly and conveniently from the shore.

Take in the panoramic views of Key West’s coastline and skyline as you glide effortlessly through the sky, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Check out our favorite Parasailing Tour for rates and availability.

Ask the Watersports Turtle for More Recommendations!

Key West’s guided water tours offer diverse experiences, from high-energy, water adventures to relaxing, coastal exploration. If you’re seeking thrills, relaxation, or a bit of both, there’s a tailor-made tour here for you!

Call the experts at Lagerheads Watersports at (305) 414-1010 for free advice and suggestions for a tour that would be right for YOU!

Save this image as a reminder of the best, guided tours in Key West!

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